I'm a feminist and that means I hate all men


I went to summer in the city this weekend and found myself at a panel titled 'Women On YouTube', and lets just say I left feeling even more like a sassy strong independent feminist. Now I've always identified as a feminist, I am not remotely afraid to do so. I'll scream it from the top of roofs if I must... or wear one of those cringey feminist slogan t-shirts. Everything that was talked about on this panel resonated with me on so many levels; they spoke about everything from the pay gender gap when it comes to sponsorships right down to £150 vibrators.

This actually brings me pretty swiftly on to the whole Google sexism drama that is hitting the headlines at the moment and gives me the perfect opportunity to add my '22 year old middle class white girl' opinion in. 

1) What an earth have the differences in biology got to do with the difference between men and women in tech jobs?

Correct. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BIOLOGY. GENDER IS SOCIALLY CONSTRUCTED. The reason it appears women go into cars while men go into tech/ engineering has nothing to do with our biological make up. It has to do with what society socialises us as at a young age. You give birth to a wonderful bubbly female baby and what do you give her to play with? Dolls, princesses, & fluffy pink unicorns. If you have a handsome young male baby, you give him cars and tools and everything associated with what being a man means. Society enforces these gender based stereotypes right from birth. This gets continued through secondary socialisation at school when the exact same thing happens but through educational structures not families. These norms are integrated into us via social constructs. Perhaps our biological ability to have children is the greatest burden we may bare.  

I do consider myself a feminist, and yes I do have great issues with women. AND MEN who don't consider themselves to be.  I want pure noticeable equality for all genders, it's really that simple. 

A. J. H.

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