When Perfectionism Becomes a Hinderance


Perfectionism is an odd term that gets thrown around by anybody and everybody. For many people it's what is used in a job interview when asked the 'what would you say is your biggest weakness' question. However, what happens when your strive for perfect becomes all consuming?

I had never labelled myself or thought of myself as a perfectionist, purely because I felt my level of work never even came close to the title of 'good' let alone perfect. So I brushed it aside and pretended as though I didn't care. This mindset became so comforting and kept me safe from failure. As time went on and this secret drive for perfection became detrimental for my mental health and ultimately for my future. I never felt the need to think past the current year because I never thought I would achieve anything worthy of success. I never thought I would achieve anything I was proud of. Don't get me wrong a little bit of perfectionism is a good trait to have, means you will strive for better, work harder, keep motivated, and go the extra mile however, it stopped me from trying because I was too scared that anything I did would not reach my ridiculous expectations and thus, in my eyes, I would fail.

This ridiculous mindset meant I never applied for any jobs or graduate schemes when in my final few months of university purely because I wasn't sure if I would make it to the end and if I did I never thought I would achieve a level I would be satisfied with. But, here I am, a mere few days off of officially graduating with a First Class Honour degree. I did it. I actually f**king made it.

From this point onwards I vow to have more faith in myself, more confidence in my abilities and to stop striving for the unattainable. I'm pretty amazing how I am and it is time I stop being my own biggest critic.

A. J. H.

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  1. You should totally have faith in yourself, you're amazing! You go girl xxxxx


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