Self Love


I hear so much these days about self love and loving yourself before anybody else can love you but, maybe its a little more about self acceptance than self love. I accept I might not ever be fully confident and I may never love myself as much as I am 'supposed to'. 

I accept I may not have the most gorgeous figure or luscious thick long dark hair but I am me. I am heavier on the bottom than I am on the top, my hair is slightly damaged from years of playful experimentation. I have a scar directly in the middle of my forehead left there from childhood chicken pox (which I actually quite enjoy now.. I'm like a weird little chick pox Harry Potter). I'm not the sharpest tool in the tool box but that is part of my personality and more times than not I am really quite dopey.

A. J. H.

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  1. You're beautiful and wonderful and totally deserve to love yourself xxxx


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