Ten Must See Places in New York City.


Trust me, I by all means, do not consider myself knowledgable in the wondrous places that lie in New York City. However, I did spend eight full days there and spent a solid two years researching places I wanted to visit and reading reviews over the dos and don'ts. I have put together my personal top ten favourite locations that I visited while I was out there.

1. Greenwich Village 

Known to the locals as simply 'The Village' this neighbourhood  lies on the west side of lower Manhattan. This area is particularly famous for it's artisitc and musical routes so if you are a music fan then you will find yourself at home here. While the house prices are by no means affordable to most of us, it has a homely and family orientated feel to the area. With it's tall town houses placed strategically up and down each street and original ironwork it makes the area highly unique compared with the very touristy area of midtown Manhattan. As for things to do, I personally enjoyed just walking around and taking in the surroundings. If you are a Friends fan then you must visit the building that was used as Chandler, Joey, Rachel and Monica's apartment. I also recomend walking up and down Bleecker Street and taking a nose at the original shops that you won't find along fifth avenue, so you can get some really unique bits, either as presents or for yourself! This area is also home to NYU so expect lots of students and plenty of cultures to mix here which is beautiful to see.

2. Central Park

ok, I know this one is obvious, but trust me I underestimated how beautiful it would be and even more, I underestimated the sheer size of it! Stretching 2 and a half miles long and half a mile wide you could easily spend the whole day here and not get bored. We actually only ended up spending a few hours there as it was mid thirties and it was just too bloody hot! You will see that Central Park is truly used as a New Yorkers Backyard. Manhattan gets extremely crowed and can feel almost claustrophobic at times.  You are constantly surrounded by skyscrapers, it can all be a tad overwhelming. Central Park was built to resemble the country side, but in the centre of the largest and busiest city in North America. You can really see these elements come through with the manmade waterfalls and wildlife, my personal favourite was the turtles. You can lay in 'Sheep Meadow' and not even realise you smack bang in the middle of Manhattan

3. The Press Lounge

I have only been to two rooftops bars in my life but I have made a systematical decision that this is by far my favourite. TripAdvisor agrees too. Sit with a vodka in hand looking over the Manhattan skyline- I mean does it really get much better than this? I went for a vodka and lemonade which came in at $16 so it's hardly cheap but you're also paying for the experience and the view too, and it was defiantly worth it in my opinion. It has a fantastic vibe to it and when we went it was mostly young people; consisting of professionals, students and tourists. We decide to go around 10pm and stayed till after midnight (this is way past my daily bedtime) and it was really lively and the atmosphere was great so I recommend going at this time! 

4. By Chloe

My favourite restaurant/cafe in the whole world - seriously I am not exaggerating here. This quaint little vegan cafe lies in the heart of the west village. Even my boyfriend, a die hard meat lover, enjoyed the food here. I couldn't just visit once I simply had to return again before I left the city. People who say vegan food is bland and boring have another thing coming when they look at this menu. The first time I visited I got mac and cheese, WHICH WAS DEVINE, and Ryan went for a 'meat' ball sub, which he very much enjoyed. The second time around I chose a huge salad with just about everything in it and Ryan went for the same again...he isn't very adventurous. This place gets crazy busy around peak times so maybe go in the morning or mid-late afternoon when it is a bit quieter. Both times we visited we had to hover around for a table but it was worth it!

5. Brooklyn, at Night

Be sure, to broaden your horizons and trek across the water to Brooklyn, my favourite time was to visit was at night (we went during the day too). It felt like I jumped headfirst into a classic New York Movie. The lights from Manhattan skyline sparkle from across the river. It is completely magical. We decided to visit one night and doing nothing more and nothing less than to sit on a bench and simply watch the view. 

6. Jacks Wife Freda 

You may have heard of this place before as it seems like everybody who owns a blog or youtube channel recommends it, and I completely understand why. This tiny little restaurant in Soho is quite frankly delicious. It has a very unique feel to it which makes for a nice change to the commercial, busy side of the other mainstream restaurants.  I don't have much to say about this place other than it is honestly delicious, and you need to visit! I went for the veggie curry with cous cous and a sweet vodka cocktail (of course, vodka is always a good idea).

7. Soho

Shopping! This is what you think of when you think of Soho. The fashion district of New York is buzzing with character and a mixture of people expressing themselves through their style. This was actually the place where I just so happened to bump into Kim Kardashian. I was sat in Soho Starbucks enjoying my carmel frappe with extra creme when I saw on Instagram that Kim was also in Soho. My boyfriend and I decided to take a little walk around the designer shops, because lets face it, she isn't likely to be popping in and out of Topshop and Brandy. We came across a group of paps so decided to hang around a bit and within a couple of minutes out comes Kim Kardashian. My phone decided to crash so I wasn't able to film it, but you can see us chilling in a couple of the media's photos so I swear i'm not lying! Anyway, back to discussing Soho, the main shops are really easy to located and they are lined up and down the one street. For photo ops and more unique shops then pop down some of the quite roads (such as, Prince street) where you will find cute little coffee shops and individual one off shops. I preferred shopping in Soho than I did 5th avenue as I found it to be a bit quieter and more ascetically pleasing, though, you can't go wrong with a bit of 5th avenue. 

8. Little Cupcake Bakeshop

ok so, on the outside of this adorable bakeshop it claims to have the best cupcakes in the whole of New York, but everywhere says that right? Wrong. This place does not lie, THEY ARE THE BEST CUPCAKES IN NEW YORK, no wait, they are the best in the world. The things I would give to go back and have more. I chose a cookies and cream vegan cupcake and Ryan had a plain (boring) vanilla one. If you ever in the Soho area, actually to be honest if you are ever in Manhattan, then you have to make the trip to this place because you won't regret it. 

9. The Butcher's Daughter

This vegetarian (mostly vegan) cafe is located in the heart of Soho and is the perfect place to escape for a spot of brunch. It is relatively pricey but the food is so tasty and healthy. The restaurant itself is also a instagramers dream and there are so many good photo opportunities here (priorities). Again, this place get's pretty busy so choose your time wisely. I was quite dissapointed by the lack of veggie options available in most New York restaurants so visiting places like this was an absolute must for me so that I could actually have some variety! 

10. One Girl Cookie

Ok, I am literally recommending this place for one reason... pumpkin whoopee pie. oh and it's also a splendid photo opportunity as the coffee is beautifully put made. I knew this place was known for it's whoopee pies so I had to pay a visit and try one for myself. I had the choice between a chocolate one and a pumpkin one and I felt like being a tad adventurous so chose the Pumpkin flavour, and I most certainly do not regret that decision. These tasty little balls of glorious heaven are a bit dangerous actually because you could probably eat several and not get bored of them. If you find yourself in Brooklyn then you must visit this place for a little break, a nice cup of coffee and a sweet treat. 

A. J. H.

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