Getting Lost in New York


New York City, the most famous, notorious and (in my opinion) the most beautiful city in the world. Lying on the east coast of North America this town has lived up to and beyond all of my expectations.

For as long as I can remember I have had one dream that has always stayed consistently in my mind- to visit The Big Apple. Dreams and goals change as you grow up, when I was younger all I ever wanted was to be on Disney Channel, I wanted to be the next Miley Cyrus and I wanted to be a part of the Disney Channel Machine, as I grew a little older I wanted to be a doctor, though I soon realised I was not this academically inclined and I also cannot act nor sing to save my life, so that pretty much ruled off the Disney Dream. However, one thing that always stuck around was my dream of New York. It started with the simple activity of looking at photos when I was a child, looking at the Manhattan skyline with its twinkly lights, it looks painted, made up, it looks exactly where I want to be.

One thing my Grandad (or Grumps as I like to call him) has always told me, since I was a tiny little human is to travel, explore the world, don't be stuck in a rud living your average life, going to a job that doesn't make you happy just to make the minimum amount of money to 'get by'. I wish it was quite that easy but travelling takes money, time and lot of saving, but I will get there. Two years ago my boyfriend and I decided to book an 8 day trip away to New York City for after we turned 21. Those two years flew by and here I am now, back in England (where of course, it is pouring down with rain), reliving it all by writing this blog post.

I have always read that in New York you can be whoever you want to be, real you or a made up version of yourself, and nobody will blink an eyelid. You can express yourself without judgement. The little Island that is Manhattan is full of an abundance of beautiful ethnicities, personalities, identities, and cultures that it really does not matter who you are, you're excepted. Tourist or local it doesn't matter, you can find yourself fitting in perfectly among the crowds of 'difference'. I found this to be totally true, I was in absolute awe over the people that make up this wonderful city let alone my surroundings, the delicious food and of course the shopping.

Being a fairly new city, compared with London or Paris, it makes the city a little different. As I am sure you probably know, in New York they tend to build up (opposed to out) which creates it's iconic skyline. This can often make you feel claustrophobic as you simply cannot look up without being surrounded by buildings, which is why a break in central park is defiantly needed! Before escaping to NYC I was given handfuls of recommendations on where to eat- so many that there was no possible way to fit them all in. My favourite place, by far, to visit was 'By Chloe' which is the most delicious, ascetically pleasing vegan cafe based in 'The Village' on Bleeker street. This was closely followed by the best cupcake I have ever eaten from 'Little Cupcake Bakeshop' in Soho. I don't think I need to say much about the shopping except, when I left New York my large suitcase weighed a tiny 7kg, on my return, it weighed 23.5kg.

New York is lonely without you ever actually being alone, theres something so poetic about that. One of my dreams has been completed and I have no doubt that I will be returning as soon as I possibly can, but the best part is, I can now make new dreams and aspire to more exciting trips. I won't let my mental health ruin anymore opportunities, life is waiting for you but, it won't wait forever. Grasp it while it is still around. To all those people out there struggling with whatever it may be; mental health, work related issues, family issues (the list is endless) then just rememeber you are fighting a battle not a war and the destination is the reason you are here and the reason you are fighting with everything you've got.

I will see you all in the next post which will simply be many many photos which I think, speak for themselves.

A. J. H.

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